Gig Photography

If you’re in a band and you need some dynamic and engaging photos for your website, social media or marketing materials, why not try us here at Hack2018? We regularly visit gigs in the Leeds/Wakefield/Huddersfield areas and we could come to yours. Just send us an email and let us know where and when the gig is, and we’ll go from there.

We just ask a few things:

  • We don’t have to pay to get in – you’ll have to sort us some tickets or whatever’s needed and make sure you get them to us before the gig.
  • If you want backstage style shots, you’ll need to organise it so we can come backstage. Access issues need to be sorted before the gig.
  • We need to be able to get close to the performers to get the results we’re known for. Just so you know. 🙂
  • You’ll need to make sure it’s okay for cameras to be there. We don’t have to use flash, but some venues get funny regardless. Wasted journeys suck for everyone.
  • If we’re doing a location shoot, it’s great when everybody turns up on time.
  • When you use the pictures, you give us a credit – a link to our Facebook page or website is great for helping us to spread the word!
  • If we’ve agreed a fee (usually just to cover taxi fares), we’d like it when we arrive.
  • We get to use the pictures on our website/portfolio (we’ll give a link to your band page)

What You’ll Get

  • A selection of  high resolution photos without watermarks and totally free of copyright – do what you want with them, they’re all yours.
  • A blog post on this website with links to your website/social media.

Interested? Get in touch!