F1 Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

I’m 41, and I’ve been watching F1 since I was a small boy. A lot has changed in that time and there have been good seasons and not so good seasons, but I am of the belief that F1 is now dangerously close to being broken forever. All at the hands of investment bankers and managers only interested in money, and designers and engineers only interested in beautiful solutions that fans cannot see or appreciate. Continue reading

York Dragway, Sunday 5th April 2015

Took the camera to York Dragway. All shots taken with the new Nikon 50mm f1.4. Decided that it’s great, but limiting. Too long for group shots, too short for distant stuff. At an effective 75mm it’s basically a classic portrait lens, and I don’t do portraits. Boosted levels courtesy of Photoshop, but that’s about it. I’ve since sold the lens, but at least it’s one bit of gearlust I can put to bed…

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