Subaru Impreza – Series McRae Font/Artwork

This week we had a client in at work with an early model Subaru Impreza – one of the coveted, limited edition Series McRae specials. Only 200 of these cars were made between 1995 and 1996 and are all the same very dark blue colour with gold wheels.

The client wanted a blue sunstrip, with the text “Series McRae” in gold metallic, as it appears on the logos and badges that were produced for the car and the literature and advertising that went with it.

Typically, it’s just a case of scanning the internet and finding a vector version of the logo required, or finding out what font was used and simply retyping it and then producing the decal from there. However, in this case, I pretty much drew a blank.

I could not for the life in me find the “IMPREZA SERIES McRAE” logo as a vector file anywhere – even plain jpeg images were hard to find and very low resolution. The client did have one small decal that i could use, so applied it to a piece of white plastic, scanned it and then attempted a live image trace in Adobe Illustrator to produce a vector image, but with no success.

Further reading turned up a clue – the font used in the Subaru Series McRae logo was an edited version of Microgramma Bold Extended font, which is freely available on the internet. I installed this font and typed out the logo, and when overlaying on the scan I had made from the decal I could see how much it needed to be squashed to get it to the right proportions. The next problem were the amended letters – P, R, E, A – all with rounded corners and gaps in the crossbars. I redrew these in Illustrator, using the guide scan and the existing font as a guide. It’s not perfect, but it’s very close, and everything lines up nicely.

If you need a copy of the vector file (PDF, EPS or AI) get in touch via the contact page and I’ll shoot it over.

Peace out.

Logo Design outlines-01

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