Spam Email That Nearly Got Me!

So I got an email at work yesterday that looked like a genuine quote request. I’m pretty good at spotting spam emails but at first glance, this one had me beat. It read:

Dear Sales,

Will you please quote for the supply of 20 x sheets of Silver Brushed aluminium Composite sheets @2440 x 1220 x 3mm We require this quote as soon as possible.

We shall be glad if you will state your prices, including delivery cost to our Office. Please find below our office


Yours faithfully.

Harvey Connor


Unit 4, Ashburton Park,

Wheel Forge Way,

Trafford Park,


M17 1EH.

Looks pretty legit? Well, in a busy office I certainly thought so. I got a price from our supplier and sent it on to Harvey Becker. To be honest, we are not usually raw material suppliers in this fashion, so I wasn’t expecting to get the job. An hour or so later I had the following reply:

Many thanks for your email reply, we are okay with price. We will like to go ahead with the order. Please raise a proforma invoice for our order.
When we receive the proforma invoice with your sort code and account number we shall remit our payment into your account as soon as possible.
Waiting for your quick response.
Kind regards


The email does not mention the product, and it was not a reply to my email, but a new one. At this point the alarm bells started to ring so I did a bit of investigative work. Firstly, the company Becker Logistics Services does not exist in the UK, and when you think about it, isn’t the name a bit odd? Shouldn’t it be Becker Logistic Services (no ‘s’ on Logistics)?

The address is basically the middle of the road somewhere in Trafford Park, and there is no mention of the company anywhere. I also googled the email address and the name of the guy, but nothing could be found.

I sent him an email asking for his phone number and got no reply. Looks like I was right! And why wasn’t his phone number on the email to start with?

I can only assume that after I raised a proforma he would have paid the money into the account, overpaid by a massive amount and then got us to refund the difference straight away to rectify his ‘mistake’. After a week or so, the original bank transfer is marked up as fraud and the bank takes the full amount back. Thus, we are minus the refund, and the spammer gets to keep it. The original payment was never there at all.

That’s how it works, folks. Please share your experiences in the comments below and add any extra email text there so that others may find them. Wanna do me a favour? Why not head over to my bespoke, handmade furniture website – see if there’s anything you like! 🙂


83 thoughts on “Spam Email That Nearly Got Me!

  1. diymat says:

    He (she) is easy to track (they use cheques for it), but I afraid that the Police will ignore it, unless someone important (relative) will be affected.


  2. diymat says:

    “Hi Sales,
    I have just been told by our account Dept. that a surplus has been paid into your account, This was an error from our account Dept. We have paid £1,830.00 instead of £330.00. As a matter of urgency we request that the order should be placed on hold until the issue of the over-payment is resolved.
    Anticipating your quick response.

    And I have answered:
    Nothing has been paid. It is only the Remittance & and it has to cleared by the bank otherwise it can be cancelled by you at any time. I will return the overpayment when the funds are cleared & credited to my account


  3. C Hinkin says:

    We just had the same email from this fake company. I was also suspicious and in googling the company, found your post. Thank You.


  4. Leanne cleghorn says:

    Had the same email but from a different company but same address please be aware but thank you for putting this up.
    Fake company now is the following but still Harvey:
    Amarilli Biosciences Ltd
    Unit 5, Kiwi Park Commerce Way
    Off Westinghouse Road,
    M17 1HW


    • Leanne cleghorn says:

      Sorry was meant to say different address but same format email and I beleive same person
      Email below

      Will you please quote for the supply of 11 Nos. of Clear glass Table tops, 1000mm x 1000mm 6mm Square with Polished edges. No holes please.

      We will be glad if you could state your prices, including delivery cost to our Office address below.

      Yours faithfully,


      • Paul Turner says:

        No problem Lianne, why on earth the banks have not got a grip of this I don’t know, probably because it is not them who lose out in the end……


    • diymat says:

      I have reported it to the police. I gave them the fake check they have left in my bank. Of course I have not refunded anything as I never do anything before money are __CLEARED__ on my account. The police knows who, when and how but as see they have not done anything. I have even called the bank and they told me that they definitely have a good CCTV records – so police can see the actual person depositing the check. And what – nothing. I have not even received a single phone call from them.


      • Paul Turner says:

        I wouldn’t even rely on funds to clear as I have heard of instances where a BACS payment was made, it cleared and then subsequently reversed by the bank up to 10 days later stating it was a fraudulent transaction.


      • diymat says:

        Actually is not as easy as many people think. There is nothing like reversing the “fraudulent” transaction which was cleared on your account, and you not a part of the group of fraudsters. They can put your account “on hold” for a certain time if they suspect that it used for an illegal operations. But to take any money from the account they need the court order.

        Try to reverse the BASC transaction if you have sent the money to the wrong account. Bank cant do it. If the other account holder will now voluntarily return you money, you will have to go the court way :(.


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