Project Newton Gravity Racing Team

You may remember last year i started my blog about gravity racing, and dropped a link to it (you can find it HERE).

Well, things have moved on a little since then! 🙂

In August 2016 I took part in my first ever soapbox race at the Harewood Hillclimb circuit in Leeds. It was a mixed success, but I learned a massive amount and made some great friends in the process. Obviously, after the event I focussed on improving the car and that brough up one question.

What do I want to achieve?

I thought long and hard and after a while the answer became clear to me: I want to set the world gravity speed record in Canada.

Quite a leap, don’t you think? From Harewood to Canada in one step? 🙂 Well, fortunately I’ve managed to build a team that will help make it possible, with an experienced car designer and driver (and also UK record holder!) and an F1 aerodynamic engineer already signed up to the cause.

The Canada event is skipping a year, and so the next one is in September 2019, and that’s when we’re going to be taking part. 2018 will see us testing our “Mule” car, using components that will hopefully be successful enough to make it to the final build. We’re looking for sponsors, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!

You can read more on the Project Newton Racing website. Thanks for reading!

*** UPDATE ***

I’ve also created a forum about gravity racing !

Thermal Arc TE 175 DC HF TIG Welder Review

For many years I welded my projects with a Clarke MIG welder. While it was a great budget piece of equipment, when I started making the furniture for which blok&takl has become known I realised I needed something better. After much research I decided to step up to a TIG welder, and chose the Thermal Arc 175. I thought I’d write a review, as information about this model seemed pretty scarce, short of the manufacturers spec. Continue reading

F1 Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

I’m 41, and I’ve been watching F1 since I was a small boy. A lot has changed in that time and there have been good seasons and not so good seasons, but I am of the belief that F1 is now dangerously close to being broken forever. All at the hands of investment bankers and managers only interested in money, and designers and engineers only interested in beautiful solutions that fans cannot see or appreciate. Continue reading

Ultimate 20 Minute Workout Routine

For a while now I’ve been working out the best kind of all over muscle and cardio workout that you can do at home with minimum equipment. For any plan of this nature to be fully effective it needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • To work all muscle groups in the body
  • To elevate the heart rate for a minimum 20 minutes
  • To use minimum equipment and be performed with no assistance

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Bespoke Fabricated Traditional Sign for Love Cheese – York

So I made a swing sign at work. I’m really happy with this so thought I’d share work’s blog about it here!

Ad Bell Sign Systems - Harrogate

When the great cheese and wine shop Love Cheese from York approached AD Bell for a sign that was quality, bespoke and a true stand-out, we knew we had an opportunity to produce something really beautiful. The sign was to go on the brickwork above the frontage of their shop, and needed to offer a classy and attractive appearance, as befitting a shop of this type. York is also a very beautiful place, and we really had to keep this in mind when designing the sign.

Love Cheese had the basic specification for the text that was to appear on the sign panel, as well as the type of paint they wanted us to use to match their shopfront – Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue. In this case, it was the gloss exterior variety, for wood and metal. They also had a “cheese knife & corkscrew” motif that they…

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Dear Malc…

Hiya Malc,

I follow you on Facebook and I can see from what you’ve said over the past months that the Snooty is not doing too well. What follows here is only my opinion, but having worked in marketing and promotion, run my own business, been in several bands (covers and originals), run jam nights, done PA hire etc, I feel that I’m reasonably entitled to have an opinion that’s worth reading. Of course, you can tell me to mind my own business, but if you were approaching me as a business consultant, this is what I’d say. Continue reading